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Our SeaRover Electric Bodyboard is a water sport equipment with stable performance and powerful functions. It combines humanized design concept and advanced technology. Due to its own buoyancy, this electric bodyboard can be used as an ordinary floating plate when there is no power drive. It can not only satisfy the recreational needs of surfers, but also serve as a tool for water rescue to achieve the purpose of fast and safe rescue.

Highlights of ECS ·
ESC: Dual Driven Processors

The dual drive integrated system uses 32-bit high-frequency MCU for precise control. The original imported MOS Is able to work with a continuous current of 100A, unlocking power limit. With high integration and multiple control ways, it also extends the potential for remote location, control and rescue by PPM wireless remote controls.

– Core Parameters of ESC:

- Stable And Reliable Heat Dissipation System

· Overtemperature Protection: When ECS temperature exceeds 70℃, the output power will be automatically reduced, and it will be restored when the temperature is lower than 70℃.

- Safe And Reliable Intelligent System

* Professional structural framework

* Three-story tower appearance

* HD intelligent display system

* Solid hardware base & Advanced software control

Safety and Durability are greatly improved !

Highlights of Propeller

Industrial Grade Fully Waterproof Motor

There are two sealing methods for waterproof motor: water seal and oil seal. The core motor 65111 of propeller adopts water seal, which is the latest and optimal sealing method. Waterproof level reaches IP68. High-strength corrosion-resistant bearing and seawater corrosion resistant coated fuselage ensure powerful performance and low failure rate to the motor.


Optimal Blades

– Strong thrust with low power consumption & Longer endurance.

3-blades design is optimized basing on fluid mechanics. According to power, speed and water resistance, blade type,screw pitch, disk surface and blade number are specially design and select to match motor performance precisely.

Characteristics of Propeller

Highlights of Battery

18650 Polymer Lithium Battery

Removable lithium battery is applied for higher efficiency. With special battery cell technique, fast charging mode is supported. Under normal circumstances, the battery can last 60 to 120 minutes.

Battery Parameters:

* The battery bin is a self-developed structure with advanced waterproof performance. We have applied for a utility model waterproofing patent for it.

* The three-times waterproof seal eliminates the possibility of electrical leakage.

 * Multiple protections are set to protect the users.

* The battery bin did not leak during the pressure test with a depth of 30 meters.

Characteristics of Battery

– Large Capacity

The capacity of 18650 lithium battery is generally 1200mah~3600mah. The HGLTech-18650 lithium battery achieves an excellent balance between volume and capacity, achieving the effect of small size, light weight and long battery life.

– Long Service Life

The service life of 18650 lithium battery is very long. The cycle life can reach more than 500 times in normal use, which is more than twice as long as ordinary batteries.

– High Security

No explosion, no combustion; Non-toxic and pollution-free. It shows excellent temperature resistance performance, the discharge efficiency is up to 100% under 65℃. What’s more, to prevent short circuits in the battery, the anode and cathode of the 18650 lithium battery are separated.


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